I have been custom casting lead bullets commercially for years and have over 90 molds in stock.

Stock includes all standard rifle and pistol calibers.


I specialize in antique and non standard bullets.

I have many "odd ball" molds at hand and can work with you to obtain the molds to fit your unique firearm.

I can also obtain and modify, even lathe turn, brass and order you reloading dies to fit anything.


All of our bullet work is done on a custom basis.



Back in the 1950's, Harry Owens founded a company known as Sports Specialties to manufacture chamber adapters and barrel inserts to meet the needs of hunters and shooters all over the world.


After his death, Bill Herrick continued the Sports Specialties product line under the new name of MCA Sports.


After several years, Bill was offered a deal he couldn't refuse and unretired himself to a full timejob.

He no longer has the time to attend to MCA Sports and has passed the reins on to me.


So, MCA Sports has now moved far north to the Last Frontier in Anchorage, Alaska which, contrary to some folks' thinking, really is part of the United States.


As for me, I was born in Alaska back before it was a state. I spent my youth growing up in our family's gold mine. I don't know if I was Alaska's only five year old explosives expert but I do know I was our camps smallest powder monkey!


I've been a competitive shooter for thirty years and an NRA life member since 1970. I've been a whitewater rafting guide and a licensed hunting guide. Need less to say, guns, hunting and the outdoors are in my blood.




I started casting bullets as a hobby seven years ago, then turned it into an occupation. I have been specializing in antique, oddball and unheard of caliber's and have had customers all over the world. So, how did MCA Sports end up here?


While guiding, I spent eleven days on a five day moose hunt with Bill Herrick in a two man tent in a seventy mile an hour wind storm. That got us swapping stories, and when Bill reluctantly had to give up MCA Sports, he thought of me.


So MCA Sports has a new home in the Last Frontier. Bill will be holding my hand for the next two years and you can rest assured that you will get the same level of service and quality that you have come to expect. The same fine machinist who has been with MCA Sports for the past 14 years is still with us. To him, and to you, a thousandth of an inch makes a world of difference.




2800 West 33rd Road

Anchorage, Alaska 99517-2201